Curriculum Planning
We aim to provide the children in our care with every opportunity to learn and develop to the best of their ability. We will use the Early Years Foundation Stage Document along with the Montessori curriculum & philosophy, to plan activities through a wide range of topics in order to allow the children to explore, investigate, question and develop a love of learning. Your child’s keyperson will use targets from the Foundation Stage Document and to create an Individual Learning Plan, which will map out his/her intended learning. We use the Montessori curriculum and resources, and a wide variety of activities to achieve the early learning goals. The Keyperson will hold discussions with you and your child at various times during their time at Woodlodge to establish a more holistic view of your child. We produce a Progress Report each ‘term’ and hold Parent’s Evenings as an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress.
The Woodlodge team is made up of staff that work with the children, a cook and administration staff. As a Montessori School that provides full day care we endeavour to have on board staff with a variety of qualifications, from Montessori teachers to NVQ 3 in childcare and some who do not hold a formal qualification. This mix of staff, who bring with them a wealth of rich experiences, adds to the overall knowledge that the children gain. We are very keen for all staff to undergo training and continue with professional development. This may be in the form of a NVQ level qualification, training courses provided by Hillingdon Council, in house training or Montessori seminars. We provide a very high staff to child ratio which enables us to maintain closer supervision of the children. We ensure that our staff are skilled in gaining the confidence of the children, treating them as individuals and with respect and being able to create a loving and caring environment. Our administration staff deal with all office, fees and admissions queries allowing classroom staff to dedicate their time to being with the children.
Outdoor Activities
The outdoor area is an extension of the classroom and whenever possible the children are encouraged to use the outside area freely. During the work cycle, weather permitting, the outside area will be set up with tables, chairs and mats so that the children can choose to be outside or inside. At other times the outside area is where the children can practise and develop ball skills, use the barked area with climbing frame and slide, ride the trikes and cars, act out role play scenarios, join in with games and socialise with their peers. Children are encouraged to plant and grow herbs and vegetables in troughs and pots. This helps them to explore and investigate the living world. All outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions. In the event that the outdoor area cannot be used, the children will be provided with indoor physical games, activities, circle time or stories.
Outings, Trips & Visits
Practical and real experiences help children to consolidate their learning and as such we offer various topic based trips and outings throughout the year. We encourage and welcome parental involvement during these trips. We also invite parents or relatives to visit the Nursery to partake in discussions and activities with the children, if they have a particular interest or skill related to a topic or theme.
Extra Curricular Activities
Computers ICT is an important part of the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. At Woodlodge children learn the necessary ICT skills in a fun, appropriate and safe environment. We use a combination of educational software and exciting project work to introduce ICT to children.
Music & Movement
Montessori education focuses on the whole child. It involves sound educational practices that build upon a child’s knowledge with activities that are interesting and engaging. As a part of this at Woodlodge our children learn to approach learning creatively through our weekly dancing sessions, and develop their fine and gross motor skills.




French In Woodlodge, when the child turns three they have the opportunity to learn French by a specialist teacher. The French lesson offers children a valuable educational experience and the opportunity to develop a basic usable command of the language.



Ball sports are a great way to encourage physical and cognitive skills,. At Woodlodge Tennis lesson gives our children opportunities to grow in co-ordination, manipulation, movement and control skills. Two other very important aspects that our children gain through this outdoor sport are increasing self-confidence and learning about the positive benefits of being healthy and active.